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Here is a cool photo of my son and my dad. Check it.


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Well, today is the day … Digi/Lovely content is “officially” moving over to jessicasprague.com!! From now on, you can find all of the news that the website has to offer, loads of inspiration from our creative team, as well as the beloved Template Tuesday!!

Check out the A*MAZING new home page, and make sure to look in the right column under News & Announcements – you’ll find it all right there!

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It’s still Friday here at my house, but I know this is later than expected – I just returned from a few days in the woods with about 150 girls and 50 leaders!! I had a blast but was SO glad to get home to a hot shower *wink*

This week you have another chance to win your favorite product from another of our amazing designers – Jodie Lee!! She is the newest designer in our shop, and we are SO GLAD to have her! She has a gorgeous style that is shabby, grungy, vintage, and fabulous!! So head over to Jodie’s shop, and come back here to let me know which of her designs you would love to win … you can choose from her entire shop!! 5 lucky commenters will have their wish granted – WOO HOO!! You have until Sunday night at 11:59 Eastern time to comment.

Now for a little inspiration from our creative team using Jodie’s works of gorgeousness:

* Gorgeous Frames by CT member Mindy (mindeth)

* Mom at 16 by CT member Joan (jsamuels)

* No One Quite Like You by CT member Shirlee (Shirlee)

* First Communion by CT member Kelly (kellymobley@mac.com)

* Laura Opal_1902 by CT member Jana (Jana)

* On Mother’s Day by CT member Jenn M. (Jenn McCabe)

* You are Sweet by CT member Amy (mymalloryboys)

* You’re the Best by CT member Reeta (completelyrandom)

* Almost 3 by CT member Lauren (laurmadsen)

* My Life is So Beautiful Because of You by CT member Cathy (cayla73)

* Love by CT member Nicole (nicleblanc)

* Sweet Love Card by CT member Camille (cammie1971)

Gorgeous stuff, right? Best of luck narrowing your favorite to just one … can’t wait to see what you wish for!

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Ready to see if you’re a winner? Here are the lucky 5:

Email kari@jessicasprague.com to claim your fave!! Please be aware that I will be away from internet access until Saturday, so it will take me a few days to get back to you. Things may be a little quiet around here, too *wink*

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SURPRISE!!! I’m still posting here for this week! There are a few other things that need to happen at the website before we move things over and combine content, so you’re still stuck having to come over here for a bit longer – I’ll keep you posted on when to start looking over at jessicasprague.com for the goodies from here that will be posting over there instead *wink*

We certainly don’t want you to miss out on Template Tuesday … this is template #20 – can you believe it?!? I am still so excited about it every single week and I hope you are, too! From the looks of the gallery every week and the number of people we have had participating regularly, I’d say you love it as much as I do!

With #20 comes the chance to earn yourself another coupon for $5 off a minimum purchase of $10 in our shop *WOO HOO* If you have completed a layout for every.single.template, then you’ll get yourself some more free money to spend! Have you missed a few? No problem! As soon as you complete 10 layouts {using 10 different templates} I’ll get you a coupon code, too!
*FYI – I will be away from a computer from Wednesday until Saturday, so if you upload your 20th layout and don’t receive a coupon code from me, please don’t worry … it will arrive as soon as I can “reconnect”!

Creative Team member Mandi created our template this week and it’s super fun … I know you’ll love it, too! I also appreciate that she has shown us how you can convert a 12×12 template into an 8 1/2 x 11 layout {since that is the size of page she likes to work with} – makes it even more versatile! Just click on the preview to be taken to your download:

And, of course, a closer look at her completed layout:

I can’t wait to see what inspiration you have to share with us in the gallery!! HAPPY TUESDAY!

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Gallery Gazing

Boy, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to stroll through the gallery to share with you … I’m so sorry!! I know many of you have missed it, so hopefully you’ll be happy to have a little eye candy today!

BUT, before I get to the galleries, I have just a few tidbits of info to share. First, It’s time for our birthday celebration at jessicasprague.com!!!

JessicaSprague.com is FOUR! To celebrate, we’re throwing a HUGE Birthday Bash & Summer Sale. From June 13-26, you can save 20% off of every self-paced class, and 35% off of ALL digital products. In addition, grab all 27 episodes of Jessica’s amazing Photoshop Friday tutorials for just $1 each before they’re retired on June 26! As part of the celebration, starting on June 24, you can participate in an incredible 49-person blog hop, picking up a sweet digital freebie at each stop! Best of all, on June 26 Jessica will be making a special announcement of a brand new class coming up in July. We only put our site on sale two times a year, so don’t miss out on this GREAT savings opportunity! For all the info on the Summer Sale, Photoshop Fridays, blog hop, and the new class, just click here!

Next, there are going to be some changes around here. The decision has been made to combine the content from Digi/Lovely and the home page at jessicasprague.com. This will give you one place to find all of the information from the website, shop, creative team, and community, along with inspiration from the creative team and all of our galleries. We have some fun new things planned that will be rolled out over the next few weeks that I can’t wait to be a part of! I will continue to post updates here to make sure you know exactly where to find what you are looking for *wink*

NOW … onto the galleries! I’ve missed out on a lot of amazing things in the gallery – the 7 days in May challenges, Template Tuesdays, Speed Scraps, and more. Hopefully you’ve had some time to keep up with the amazing pages that have been posted. Here are just a few that grabbed my eye:

* World’s Largest Gumball by latz
I love the clustering of the photos, papers, and elements on this page. The background paper is perfect for the theme of the page, too!!

* Football by GrantLaurensMom
Awesome use of a focal photo that packs some action!! I love the ways the smaller images are outlined in white which helps to set them apart. I also think the simplicity of the rest of the page {neutral and uncluttered} allows the photos to shine!

* Yesterday by hertelalice
The perspective of the main photo is FANTASTIC!!!! I also love the title work with the letters cut out of the white border.

* Where in the World? by kmsill
Such a fun and fabulous idea whether or not you have an upcoming move!! This adorable fan deck was created to provide information for friends and family so they would know how to keep in touch with those who are moving. I think this would be a super fun idea for a Christmas card, too!

* You Plus Me Equals Us by alittlebirdiescrapper
Totally love the idea of these photos … I can think of so many photos that would “add up!”

* True Story by kiwichick
Amazing colorblocking on this layout. The color scheme along with the photos is perfect and the touches of texture are great!!

* Happily Ever After by SeaTurtleBean
The focal photo is jawdropping!! Love the simple black and white and bits of bling. Gorgeous.

* Meeting Kaylie by Katidid
Absolutely love the way this template was interpreted!! Gorgeous choices for papers and I think the stitching around each block is fabulous!

* Obsession by cabesh
This template is a work of art, and I simply love the idea of the “Scrabble” title – perfect! I also think that showcasing the love of house photos and then filling the heart with a paper covered in houses is awesome.

* Summertime Favorite by kym
Love the overall composition of this page – the layering of papers and photos is fantastic!! I can practically smell the berries on this page, too!

Well, that was tough … so many amazing pages have been posted!!! I hope you take time to browse our galleries on a regular basis, leave some comments, and save some into your favorites so you can go back to scraplift them – one of my favorite things about gallery gazing!!

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Hello to you, and happy weekend!! I hope your summer is in full swing and that you are enjoying a little more of a “break” in your routine *wink* Life is full around here with swim team practice, swim meets, trips to the library, stops for drinks at Sonic, playdates with friends {most of which involve swimming}, time curled up reading, and more hours to fill with TV, computer time, baking, and complaints about boredom. Ahhhhh …

Nothing boring about Friday, though – no way!! It’s the day when you get to scour the shop in search of your favorite products! This week you’ve got a big job ahead of you … Carina Gardner is offering up some goodies for you this week! You have the chance to win your favorite product priced at $3.99 or less!! Just leave me a comment letting me know which product is your favorite (please make sure it fits in the $3.99 or under parameters) and I’ll draw 5 winners on Monday!


Our creative team has had a great working with Carina’s products … take a look at these beauties:

* Little Strawberry Baby by Jana (Jana)

* Blue Recipe Box by Erin (eummel)

* 6 Months by Monica (cholita41)

* Jax by Mindy (mindeth)

* Loving You by Savitri (putri)

* Mother’s Day by Kim (gilmoregirl)

* Flat Kendall by Kelly (kellymobley@mac.com)

* Just Born by Michelle (shmoop)

* Almost by Erin (erins)

* At the Barn by Miki (Miki)

* Apron Pocket Bag by Camille (cammie1971)

* Soccer Days by Joan (jsamuels)

* Hoppy Easter Card by Heather (miracles_momma)

* Today You … by Reeta (completelyrandom)

* Some Things Never Change by Brenda (bren_55)

* Love Love Love by Amy (mymalloryboys)

Speaking of Monday, things will be changing a bit around here next week! Our Digi/Lovely blog will be posting directly at jessicasprague.com staring on Monday!! I will make sure to give you all of the details with links to find the information you have grown to love {like Template Tuesday} so you don’t miss a beat, but our regular content on the website (like More in Store Monday and One Buck Wednesday) will now be combined with our Digi/Lovely fun to give you ONE stop for all of the goodness!! Have a great weekend!!

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Oh, the sweet love of a child and their pet!! I simply love all of the “bits and pieces” on this layout! The stitching over the paper snippets is awesome and I think the layering of the paper strips is great and adds to the impact of the white background.

* A Girl and Her Dog by CT member Antonia (greenhornedunicorn)

Supplies Used:

Togetherness Paper Pack by Cosmo Cricket

Togetherness Elements by Cosmo Cricket

Togetherness Candy Candy by Cosmo Cricket

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You Two

This page jumped right out at me in the gallery. The softness of the photos, the mix of patterns, the simple touches of the blooms along the banner, and the shadowing – WOW!!! The dramatic drop shadows make me feel like I could reach into my computer and pull the pieces right off of this page! Simply stunning!!!

You Two layout by CT member Cathy (cayla73)

Supplies Used:

It’s a Start Template Templates – Set 5 by In the Making Design

Togetherness Paper Pack by Cosmo Cricket

Togetherness Candy Candy by Cosmo Cricket

Fresh Blooms Digital Kit by Kitschy Digitals

 photo Signature01_zpsba64132e.png

Sorry for a double post today {and please make sure to scroll down to get your Template Tuesday fix *wink*} but I’ve got some goodies to give away!! The following are the lucky winners of their favorite Cosmo Cricket products – YAY!!

Make sure you email kari@jessicasprague.com to claim your prize!

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